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Design The Life You Desire

Living a balanced life does not have to remain a pipe dream - it can be achieved! But like anything else that is worth having it requires persistent effort. On this journey you’ll learn how to transform challenges into victories, abandon restrictive inhibitions, celebrate accomplishments, and live abundantly.

This seminar examines the significance of establishing balance in our lives and provides practical tools that we can use to achieve and maintain that balance. The process involves assessing how satisfied we feel in selected key aspects of our lives and exploring ways we can improve in those areas in which we feel deficient. The day will be filled with transformational engagement while we explore ways to reignite goals and dreams that might have gone by the wayside.



  • Understanding the importance of a balanced life

  • Connecting the past, the present and the future for self-discovery and growth

  • Acquiring the skills to build a personal tool-kit to achieve balance

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